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Create backyard drama with an infinity swimming pool

  No longer limited to high-end hotels and exclusive properties, an infinity swimming pool has become an option available to private homeowners who desire an extra level of “wow factor” in their backyards. Also known as a zero-, vanishing-, or negative-edge pool, an infinity pool features one or more sides over which the water cascades—virtually merging with the horizon beyond.  Even spas can be built in this fashion. Infinity pools provide an even bigger visual impact when they are built in a yard overlooking a body of water such as a bay, lake, or ocean.  Locations on a hill or cliff above a valley or canyon also deliver incredible views. Depending on the setting, an

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Custom In-ground Spas

  Part 2 of 2: Popular design ideas for your new spa From simple to elaborate, a spa provides a terrific opportunity to accentuate the style of your new backyard pool.  Decorative features can range from a basic mosaic—such as a sea creature or sports-team logo—in the spa bench, to a high-end infinity design with a 360-degree perimeter overflow.  One design consideration is the spa shape.  A full circle is the most popular, but you can also have a related form like an oval, horseshoe, or semi-circle.  For a contemporary look, go for a square, rectangle, triangle, or hexagon.  To create a softer, swimmer-friendly shape, pool designers will often modify these shapes—rounding or cutting off

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