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5 Healthy Reasons for a Backyard Pool

  Along with adding beauty to your backyard and value to your home, a residential pool can contribute to a healthy lifestyle.  Swimming pools can help enhance your family’s overall fitness and recreation levels.   Here are five reasons why: Swimming is a unique, smart form of exercise.  What distinguishes swimming from many other forms of exercises is how a full-body work out is achieved in a buoyant environment.  This means exercising muscles without the typical levels of stress on the joints.  Swimming can be a particularly good fitness option for those with injuries or ailments like arthritis or obesity.  A pool’s shallow end is an excellent place to gently stretch and increase your range of motion.  Or, you can swim

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3 reasons why private residential pools beat public ones

  Considering a new pool in your backyard but also think you and your family may instead make do using one at your gym, club, park, school, or community center? Having a liquid fitness & entertainment center in your own backyard offers a number of distinct advantages over a public pool.  Here are three: >>  Convenience for Regular Exercise Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise because it thoroughly works muscles while being gentle on joints.  However, like any kind of workout, consistency is everything. The convenience of a home swimming pool encourages regular usage.  With today’s busy lifestyle, having an aquatic fitness center right outside your door can make it easier to

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