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Beach Entry Swimming Pools

Part 1 of 2:  Overview & Benefits

Also called a zero entry, a beach entry mimics the natural access found at the beach. (See beach entry photo gallery here.)

Positioned at the shallow end, the entry point is constructed to be virtually even with the deck. Sloping from the deck—like a ramp—into the pool water, the entry becomes progressively deeper with each step you take, providing a gentle transition into deeper water.

Typically, a beach entry replaces the regular steps into a pool.  In some cases, accent boulders are placed on the sides of the entry or within in it—partially submerged—to visually distinguish the area and create a visual cue that the area is sloped.

The surface material covering the entry may be coordinated to match the pool deck.  Flagstone is a popular choice for this approach.

Beach Entry Benefits

>> Since there are no stairs to negotiate, this feature can be a smart choice for individuals with mobility challenges.

>> Young children love the shallow “splash & play area” that it provides.

>> Performing double duty as a partially submersed area for sunbathers, it helps keep them cool while they take in the rays.

>> Cautious or temperature-sensitive swimmers enjoy a bit of added comfort since they can enter the water much more gradually than they could with regular pool steps.

>> A beach entry perfectly supports a design concept for a “lagoon-like” appearance—such as a free-form shape with a flagstone deck and tropical landscaping.

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